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How Often Should You Get New Glasses?

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If you’re an eyeglasses wearer, you’ll understand the satisfaction of finding a pair that fits your face just right. But a pair of glasses isn’t a one-and-done investment. Even the most incredible fitting glasses that provide crisp, clear vision need replacement eventually.

As a general rule, you can replace your glasses every 1 to 3 years. When you visit your optometrist for regular eye exams, they can also offer advice on when to replace your lenses or frames and let you know if your prescription has changed.  

Your vision can change even after your eyes stop growing. Your lenses or frames may also sustain damage or daily wear and tear over the years, which can mean you need to replace them.

How Do You Get New Glasses?

It may be easy to get new glasses these days, whether you’re shopping for the latest styles at your optometrist or you prefer the online route. However, your glasses prescription is only valid for a certain length of time. Eyeglasses prescriptions in California are typically valid for up to 2 years.

Higher-risk individuals, such as those with a higher chance of developing glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, may have a shorter timeframe on their prescription. Once a prescription is no longer valid, you’ll need to have it renewed by your eye doctor.

Recommended Eye Exam Frequency

Getting your prescription updated isn’t difficult. All you need to do is book a comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor. This gives your optometrist a chance to screen your eyes for diseases or conditions, even if you haven’t noticed changes in your vision.


Most adults between the ages of 18 and 64 should get an eye exam at least every 2 years. This is what the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends for healthy adults without risk factors. If you have risk factors, such as diabetes, eye disease or a family history of eye disease, wear contact lenses, or have vision loss in one or both eyes, annual visits may be recommended.


There is a varying eye exam schedule for children because it can depend on family history and the child’s vision. By the time kids are 5, they should receive 2 eye exams. The first is between 1 and 3, and the second by the time they’re 5. And once your child enters school, annual exams are typically recommended.

A senior man and his optometrist's performing an eye examination using a machine to detect any eye problems.

Reasons to Replace Your Glasses

It’s important to note that your recommended glasses replacements may not necessarily coincide exactly with every time you get an exam. While a comprehensive exam is certainly a great way for your optometrist to determine whether you need new glasses or not, it’s possible that you could need new glasses before your next exam, or they might not need replacing until the following exam.

Here are a few potential reasons to consider:

Change in Prescription

One of the most obvious reasons for needing new glasses is a change in prescription. Some refractive errors like presbyopia or astigmatism can get worse over time. If you’re using glasses with an inadequate prescription, you could increase your risk of developing digital eye strain or other uncomfortable symptoms. 

Damaged Lenses & Frames

It could also be time to replace your glasses if the frames or lenses become damaged. Depending on the severity of the damage, scratched lenses could impair your vision. In some cases, this could be a safety hazard. Damaged frames may not sit on your face properly and lead to discomfort while wearing them, which isn’t fun if you have to wear your glasses all day.

You Want a New Look

The latest styles and colors of frames are always changing, just like clothes and other accessories. This may not be a big deal to some, but to others, their eyewear is an extension of who they are and their unique personality. This is a significant perk when dealing with an optometry clinic that also makes an effort to stock the latest and greatest glasses.

New Technology

Depending on what you use your glasses for, new technology may be a good reason to get a new pair. Perhaps you get a new job and you’re spending a lot of time on the computer, so you want to get new glasses that have a blue light filter on the lenses. Whatever your vision needs become, there may be better options out there you can discuss with your eye doctor.

Talk To Us About a New Pair of Glasses

There are a lot of options out there between styles of frames and types of lenses available. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and choose the first pair that seems like a good deal. Stop by and see us at Total Vision Sports Arena. Our professional team can listen to your vision needs and help you choose the right glasses.

And if you need your prescription updated first, we can make an appointment for you with one of our experienced optometrists

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