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Protect Your Eyes With Routine Eye Exams

Every part of your eye is designed to help you see, from the tears that create a smooth surface on your eye to your optic nerve that transmits visual information to your brain. Every part needs to work correctly to ensure your eyes remain strong and healthy and your vision remains clear. 

Many eye diseases target some of the sensitive areas of your eyes, causing damage that can lead to vision loss or blindness. These same diseases progress with no early warning signs. Fortunately, they’re also detectable during routine eye exams. 

At Arena Eyeworks, our highly-trained eye care team uses advanced diagnostic technology to get an unprecedented view of your eyes so they can diagnose eye diseases in their earliest stages. To get a complete picture of your eye health, visit us soon for a comprehensive eye exam.

Common Eye Diseases

The leading causes of blindness and vision loss in the United States are age-related eye diseases. With regular eye care, quick treatment, and a strong relationship with your eye care team, vision loss caused by eye diseases can be slowed, stopped, or prevented. 

We’re here for you at Arena Eyeworks with testing for common vision problems, including diabetic eye diseases.


Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage to the optic nerve. Damage to the optic nerve leads to vision loss that can’t be recovered

There are several forms of glaucoma, many of which have no early warning signs. Although it’s often associated with elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), glaucoma can occur even when IOP is within normal limits. 

Most types of glaucoma develop slowly, but acute angle-closure glaucoma is considered an emergency and requires immediate medical attention to prevent blindness. Call us immediately if you experience sudden, unexplainable eye pain, nausea, a severe headache, and vision changes.

If you receive a glaucoma diagnosis, you can maintain strong, healthy vision by undergoing regular eye exams and carefully managing your condition.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an eye disease that occurs when the macula slowly breaks down with age. The macula is the center-most part of the retina and is responsible for sharp, detailed vision.

Over time, it begins to thin and wear out, eventually leading to central vision loss. AMD most often affects those over 60 and is likely related to genetics, smoking, obesity, and a poor diet.

AMD can be detected during a routine eye exam, and an early diagnosis can preserve your central vision.

Cataracts are the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. They’re most often caused by natural changes in the lens, but can occur for other reasons as well.

Cataracts develop gradually over time and likely won’t affect your vision early on. Mild cataracts can be managed with eyeglasses or contact lenses, but if they begin to affect your quality of life, they can be surgically removed.

Conjunctivitis, also known as “pink eye,” is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, the transparent tissue that covers the eyes and inner eyelids.

Conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by a bacterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. And, although it’s irritating, it rarely causes long-term vision problems.

Treatment depends on the cause of your conjunctivitis. And since bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are highly contagious, you should book an appointment with your optometrist as soon as you suspect you may have it.

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The best prevention for vision loss and potential blindness is early diagnosis, swift treatment, and careful monitoring for eye diseases and conditions. At Arena Eyeworks, we care how your eyes work. For comprehensive vision care and eye disease diagnosis and management, call us today to book your appointment.

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